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V-TECH Auto Parts Industry Corporation is one of the main manufacturer and exporter of spare parts for KOMATSU- TOYOTA- NISSAN -MITSUBISHI -MAZDA-ISUZU-HINO. We are specialized in engine spare parts of automotive in Taiwan and we can supply you the following spare parts: ENGINE OVERHAUL GASKET, CYLINDER HEAD GASKET , VALVE COVER GASKET , OIL PAN GASKET , EXHAUST MANIFOLD GASKET , INTAKE MANIFOLD GASKET , LINER O-RING KITS , VALVE SEAL , NOZZLE TUBE , OIL SEAL….

Our business goal is to provide superior qualitative, excellent service and competitive prices to our client .We have an experience of 40 years on manufacturing and exporting spare parts all over the world.
Our company policy is based on building good business relationship between suppliers and customers. We are very proud of getting very good reputation in our business.
Trust and play an order immediately is the best choice of yours.


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