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Taiwan Sunlon Industrial Co., Ltd. Established in 1966, has more than 40 year experience in the manufacture of measuring Tape and Spirit Level. "Sunlon" is one of our most important registered trademarks, which has been enjoying excellent reputation among our customers. This is the reason why we are better known as "Sunlon"。
The founder of Sunlon, Mr. Kao Tien-Lung, has done the research to renew the production equipment for many years and is the first person in Taiwan, who succeeded in developing the Fully-Automatic Fiberglass and Steel Measuring Tape Printing Machines by himself. With these machines, Sunlon can have tape in black graduations with red figures and red graduations with black figures printed on the machines simultaneously, precisely, and perfectly in the most efficient way with least possible losses. It is needless for us to use the outdated, labor-intensive Silk Screen Printing Machines any more, not like other manufacturers. Furthermore, Sunlon has receives EEC III approval on fiberglass and EEC II approval on steel long tapes. It is doubtless that Sunlon production cost is much lower; quality is better than the competitors; that is also the main reason why we are so successful in the this field.
Sunlon started to develop Level since 1985. With all executive hard struggles and efforts, Sunlon engineers are now approaching their final target day by day through testing table and electronic monitor to make Sunlon level the "Badge of Quality", Confidence and Reliability".
Sunlon will be opening another one in China. It will never be too late for you to switch orders to "Sunlon" if you want to be more powerful in this field. We are always proud of "Sunlon" and would like you to select "Sunlon", enjoy it wherever it is.


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