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SHONE CHE ELECTRONICS-INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. on April 1, 1993 was tenable from, devoted to the vehicle with ignition sequential control part CDI, research the voltage regulator REG&REC technology work and so on develops and produces The research and development department personnel from 1984 until now, is engaged in this aspect the research to have 18 years -odd experience.
In order to overseas coordinate the customer to develop the demand service, this company also set up the Dongguan city in June, 1998 in Mainland China -- Guangdong Province Dongguan city by the armor Shanghai electron limited company, specialized production CDI, REG, CDI&COIL, files position monitor product and so on.
In June, 1999, Vietnam with Dong-Nai the province Lu-Hao-San industrial districts merchant area (SANYANG Industry Unites efforts the merchant area) with same business cooperation specialized production CDI, REG, HORN, product and so on MIRROR, supplies customers including Vietnam SANYANG , VMEP cart yard and so on.
Due to the customer demand in 2001 devote successfully research and develop Motor Controller, HID, the BALLAST stabilizer And transfers the investment construction in 2002 to set up GUANG HER CHENG ELECTRONICS-INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.The company emphatically to researches and develops and makes H.I.D., Ballast and various types electrically operated motor controller. After three years of research and development, at present all the gradual quantity has produced, and coordinates demand of the customer but to test through some safety.


HID, Xenon Headlights, Auto Part & Accessories, High Intensity Discharge, HID Lamps, HID Energy Saving Road Ligh, HID Energy Saving Work Ligh, Controller, Regulator


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