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Our Company was established in 1989. With the gone 15 years, Sansk have developed into a large furniture company with fixed assets of 80 million Yuan, land area of 0. 08 million square meters and over 800 employees. There are 5 branch factories, among which MDF furniture factory is one of the largest manufacturers in the north part of China. Office furniture and kitchen furniture has been achieved an inspiring share in the market of Tianjin. This leads to that our main business is dealing with home furniture and office furniture together.
Our company constantly adopts advanced management idea into the normal daily management. We use LAN workgroup and Internet into manufacturing, operation, Design, management, which get us share the information together. The correct effective data bring us to response quickly to the market requirement.
During these 15 years, Sansk invested a large mount of capitals to better its working environment, imported Digital Control production machine from Germany, Italy company which are providing world advanced equipment. All these are the basis to ensure the product quality, as well as reflect the general efficiency of Sansk has been to an upgrade. Sansk, therefore, welcoming a new era..
In product quality, Sansk follows its corporate spirit of "serving both customers and the society". In the activities of "commonly creating green brand" with hundreds of enterprises at home in 2001, Sansk once invited 13 furniture inspection institutions to make inspection and supervision to ensure caliber furniture to be provided to consumers, which keeps its promise of offering unpolluted products to consumers.
We observes ISO9001 quality management system and the ISO14001 Environmental management systems which were introduced in 2002. With the idea of, "Highest quality, best services, constant innovation" in mind, we deal with details in design and manufacture and providing services, therefore, to assure each set of product is perfect in material, design and the style. During the manufacture procedure, we strictly keep "one by one" promise.
We are using the following method the control the quality of our products. Self inspection first, inspection each other second, selective inspection third. Our quality control system takes each step under consideration from purchasing the material to production and the package and service. Our aim is constantly increasing the ratio of customer satisfaction.
In regards to the product design, our company put more attention to update our design from time to time to improve our competition ability and at the same time advance us at a higher position in product design. With the idea of "high taste, nice life style" in mind, our designer mix the art effect and the function together into the design, let our customers enjoy high standard home life while using our high quality products.
In marketing promotion, Sansk takes the mode of franchise operation for the purpose of assuring service quality. For the nonce, it has been at the top of the country in CIS system and franchise shop management system. With over 100 franchise shops at home, it has primarily taken shape in its countrywide marketing and service network. Besides, Sansk has also exported its furniture to Australia, South Korea and so on.
With the 5 advantages of personnel, location, brand, product, service, Sansk are dedicated to provide nice style, delicate products to you and provide in time, comprehensive and knight services to our customers.


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