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Qianhai automobile electric appliance limited company from 1995 years establishemnt Until now all staff namely grasps the good faith steadfastly of management idea, in the automobile Starting motor generator production, the management, the marketing innovates unceasingly the Research and development, in the introduction accumulates unceasingly experiences remaining Years of life endeavors, this company promotes thousand sea sign heavy card date is the generator Attains the consumer to affirm extremely, therefore has
established this company fine prestige.
We not take this as arrogant, continued to research and develop has truly suited the environmental protection planet which the heavy long vehicle used to decelerate the starting motor, this type starting Motro was on the international newest mechanics design to have the volume to be small. the torsion was big, Consumes the electricity to be few, starts quickly, maintained few, life long and so on characteristics, as soon as This product passed through promotes deeply consumer' s consistent high praise!
Qianhai people realized, the quality is the industrial life, the truth, provides The high quality the product is the back coupling consumer' s best way. We have all carried on strict Screening to product each components, thus guarantees the product the high life.
Qianhai all staff in line with the enterprise spirit which initiative positive hand in Hand advances boldly welcome the domestic and foreign merchants to establish the cooperation Zealously with us, devotes together to the automobile electric appliance enterprise prosperity Development.




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