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China Precision Technology Limited is a corporation listed in the Singapore Stock Exchange on May 8, 2006, which is an integrated manufacturing provider for consumer electronics, telecommunication and automobile parts. Most of our customers are international well-known companies, such as Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, Phillips, Thomson, Sumsung, LG, TCL, Motorola, Honda, Toyota, GM, Fujifilm, ABB, Changhong, Konka, Bird and so on. In 2006, our company' s recorded revenue surpassed RMB 600 million.

We have an integrated manufacturing capability in the field of precision metal-stamping, plating, mould design and fabrication, precision cutting, automation assembly and precision die-casting, providing the customer with turn-key services. My company is ripe in the development experience and has a perfect after-sale service systems, which enable us can provide the timely and considerately service to our customers. Moreover, we have established a multiple of quality systems including ISO9000, TS16949, ISO14001, the Sony Green Partner and QC80000, which is complementary by the improvement activities of 5S, QCC and P-DOAZ. In conclusion, we have realized the comprehensive competitiveness in many aspects such as quality, cost, delivery date, environment, and so on.

CPT have set up the factories based on South China (Dongguan), East China (Cixi, Suzhou, Wuxi), and the sales representative offices or the agencies in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, US and Japan .We believe in the business philosophy of "Beyond the expectation", and response to the clients' needs close to them. In addition, we uphold the management philosophy of "Be challenged daily and improve oneself continually", and offer our clients more and more precision products and services.

We will integrate and make full use of more resources so as to be the specialized supplier who offers technology, services and fabrication in the precision parts of consumer electronics, telecommunication and automobile parts , with the valuable philosophy of "Pragmatic, Share , Exceeding".


Sockets, Structures, Terminals, Connectors, Antennas, Decorative Moldings, Handles


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