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NASHIN is a world class manufacturer of high performance brake systems. Established in 1994, Nashin has expanded exports to over 23 countries. For more than 16 years, Nashin has invested heavily in R&D to provide customers with the highest level of quality, safety and performance. Furthermore, Nashin is the first manufacturer of floating rotors in Taiwan.

For many years, Nashin has accumulated experience by testing products in the field through participation in competitive motor sports. With this extensive experience, Nashin has fine tuned its brake kits for the highest level of performance on the street and at the race track.

In addition to our famous forged caliper (G-SERIES), Nashin will release the new N-SERIES, T1-SERIES, S-SERIES
and R-SERIES calipers to meet various demands. Through steady expansion of these product lines, Nashin has developed a large variety of applications for over 200 kinds of cars.

Nashin is currently working on expanding the scale of the plant so that in the future, we will become the worlds leading brake system manufacturer, and provide faster service to all of our customers.


Brake System for Racing Car, Brake Discs, Brak Caliper, Four-Piston Caliper Set, Six-Piston Caliper Set, Eight-Piston Caliper Set


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