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Backed by a proven and successful 30 years track record, HYPHONE currently operates from four factory sites both in Taiwan and China with about 300 employees, making it a major pneumatic manufacturer in Asia. Hyphone's extensive manufacturing network includes its own manufacturing, assembly, machine shops, and heat treatment plant; thus, enabling more than 70% vertical integration in its production capability.

HYPHONE manufactures a comprehensive range of light industrial, professional ,automotive pneumatic tools, currently there are more than 100 kinds of tool in our production line; most of them bear CE certifications. HYPHONE has also invested heavily into product development. New generations of commercial & professional products are continuously being developed from our designated Taiwan and China R&D teams to meet and exceed customer demands.

Most of our factories have attained the ISO9001-2000 certification provided by the most stringent creditor, TÜV of Germany. Our goal is to use the highest possible quality assurance to deliver the most customer satisfied tools under stringent and non-variable quality standards.


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