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Ruian Kangertai Automobile Parts Co.,LTD is specialized in auto gauges/meters.Our products exported more than 20 countries,such as Europe,South America,Australia,Mid East ets.
Theses modified instrument can be mounted in-dash or in auto gauge panels.Theses modified instrument improve the content of the instal lation of the vehicle,can give a cool style and improve the interoper ability better.Cars cur rently on the market instrument configuration are very basic,and the devel opment of our modified form can fit the vehicle and fill the original table.
such as:
1. The original car-free voltage meter configuration:modified voltage meter can detect whe ther of not the car works normal,our instruments can always meet your requirements!
2. The origibal car with water temp gauge which scale reading is lean-optimal-rich,modified water temperature gauge can be clearly whats the water temper ature.
3. The original car-free oil tempeture meter,modified oil tempere meter can be judge correctly the oil temper ature condition.
4. Original Oil Pressure gauge will rais red light when the car work off or short of oil.Modified the oil pressure gauge,engine can detect how is oil pressure.For example,if the pressure is lower than warning line,so must change or to add oil.
5. Low-garde automobile haven't engine R.P.M.equipment. When external noise is too big to deter mine the speed.If the engine high speed working long time,It's will shorten the engine useful life.Modified the R.P.M. we can detect the speed now.
6. Original automobile haven't the air fuel,when oil supply system blockage or oil supply is too big to determine.Modified the air fuel,we can detect how is the oil supply system.This guage have lean-optimal-rich stages.Optimal is normal. professional must regulate the oil supply position when it shows Lean or rich.
Our company put our great efforts to integrate designing,researching,production and sales together.Any processing is welcome according to customer's drawing sheets and samples to give a car a better fashion.


Gauge, Auto Articles, Gauge Holder, Auto Meter, Performance Gauge, Racing Gauge Cover, Performance-Turning Parts


Number of Total Employees: 51 ~ 200
Year Established: 1998
Production Mode: OEM, ODM, OBM
Export Percentage: 90%
Export Market: Global, The Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia (Except China), North America, Mainland China, Central & South America, Australia/New Zealand
Brand Name: KET-GAUGE
Capital (USD): 2.5 ~ 5
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Competitive Advantages: Development fast
High production efficiency
Aesthetic appearance
Approvals / Certifications: CE
Contact Person: Angela (salewoman)

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