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Originally a maker of healthcare equipment, Chin Kuei Co., Ltd. now specializes in making garden supplies. Having begun making planters in 1989, we have years’ experience in making planters of all kinds, and have developed planter trays for orchid as our mainstream products. Committed to honesty, good service and quality, we have developed our own brand backed by employee effort and customer support. Having penetrated overseas markets in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, we expect to expand internationally to be more globalized.


Garden Supplies, Flowerpots, Flowerpot Rings, Red Plastic Flowerpots, Nursery Pots, Hanging Pots, Unglazed Flowerpots, Soft Pots, Black Grow Bags, Coconut Pots, Flower Boxes, Nursery Trays, Nursery Boxes, Mushroom Culture Bottles, Planting Beds/Pallets, Fruit Bins, Barrels, Greenhouse Parts, Shade Nets, Wall Planters, PVC Sheets

Company: CHIN KUEI CO., LTD.

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