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Situated in the bustling Jinhua City, Zhejiang province and shipping from Ningbo Port, CHUANGDA INDUSTRIAL, trading as PROCAST WHEELS, is conveniently located only a bullet trains ride from Shanghai and Hangzhou. The location brings not only the convenience advantage, but also brings the short-distance supply chain advantage. With the development of various industries in the area, all of the major suppliers of PROCAST are within 2 hours distance that meets the requirements of JIT supply chain management. The location brings the great factory development advantage and opportunities.

As the brother company of Shuguang group, PROCAST team has over tens year experience in the alloy wheel production and management. Bring a new concept to wheel manufacturing and technology, PROCAST wheels is partner that will strengthen any relationship.

Coming together, PROCAST wheels offers a vast array of unique wheel design and manufacturing techniques. The product research and development is the main advantage of the company. We use the world-class design software to design the wheels and analyze the structural strength of the designs during the design phase thus minimize the weight of wheel with the guarantee of structural safety.


Aluminum Alloy Wheels, Steel Wheels


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