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Guger Industries Co, Ltd. was established on May 8, 1987, working on the study of Pad / ScreenPrinters, production of their applications, and initiate the new technology of Pad Printer to work on both sides, breaking through Taiwan's traditional Pad Printing History.
Guger holds the ideas of "Advanced Research And Study, Precise Manufacturing , Careful Evaluation, Customers First, and Service First", the satisfaction has been passeddown between customers by word of mouth, Customer Group started from zero to the present-day scale, there are over 1500 companies, and the agents increase annually, the world wide distribution spots are located in Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Vietnam, Philippine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Argentina, Los Angeles, Mainland China, Shen Zun, Shanghai...etc.
Guger not only produce printers, We also provide relevant technical support to our customers, and solve problems, for instance, Pad Printing, Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Printing, Aerial Dye Transfer Printing, Water Covering Transfer Printing...and so on; to solve the various kinds of printing difficulty, we accomplished 20 new patents in the print creation area, there are many kinds of patents that are pending. Our company is continuously looking forwardprogress, through all workers'cooperation; we created another peak by passing ISO - 9002 on Oct 1, 1999. We sincerely welcome trade partners or people who are involved in the same business coming here, let Guger have the opportunity toexchange technology or sign the OEM Contract to create the future market. We want to expressour gratitude to the clients and people who are interested about Guger, we will carry on our founding spirit, continue to be at your service, and let Guger Industries become the "Shining Star Of Tomorrow" in the Printing World.


Auto Cap Pad Printing Machine, 4 Color Screen Printer Machine, 5 in 1 Combination Pad Printer Machine, Pad Printing-Auto, Pad Printing-Normal, Screen Printer-Normal, Screen Printer-Auto, SMT Printing, Hot Stamping & Thermo-Transfer Printing, Flame Treatment, Dryer, Accessories & Optional Equipment, Automatic Dispenser Machinen, Contact Lens Printer, CCD Vision Inspection System, LCD/Photoelectric Industries Printer, Golf Ball Pinter, Bottle Printer, Lighter Printer, Cap Printer, Coin Printer, Printing Plate/Stencil Making Equipment

Address: 8th Fl., No. 3, Lane 16, Szuchuan Rd., Sec. 2, Panchiao Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 220
Telephone: 886-2-8966-8844, 8966-8805, 8966-0837, 8966-1752
Fax: 886-2-8966-4162, 8967-5089
URL: www.guger.com.tw

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