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"Sincerity Foremost, Teamwork Sprit, Product Innovation, Fruit Sharing"-these 16 words penetratingly depict the core concept of the I Jang Group. They imply the basic attitude toward dealing with people and things, demonstrate the leadership's strenuous efforts to promote teamwork operation, show the group devotion to product marketing and highlight its humanistic spirit of showing concern for the society and respect for the giving party.This is absolutely an excellent paragon for a corporate leader. Even though what's written above is the management concept for the entire corporate, it looks so realistic and so accurate without any boastful statement or any empty goal."I am a grease-handed man, knowing nothing but work hard to do everything well, "Chairman Chen says modestly when receiving the ROC Model Young Entrepreneur Award, the highest domestic honor for a young entrepreneur. Since he established I Jang Industrial Co., Ltd. In 1987, Chairman Chen has frequented Machining Department, Packaging Department, Department, as well as related domestic and foreign exhibitions, with only one goal of "working hard to do a good job. "
"Originally, I knew neither computer nor English and Japanese. But I have been learning hard whatever I should learn, "Chairman Chen says. As a result, one can easily find Chairman Chen concentratedly and earnestly discuss manufacturing details for every product with European, American and Japanese buyers. In his office, one can also easily find an ample collection of business management books, technology books and a variety of product information, and receives opinions from various levels of professional cadres at the company, thus sketching out the entire corporate vision and leadership policies."There are a lot more things to do and learn in the future, "Chairman Chen says with the same practical tone and the same concentrative spirit. But the 16 words of "Sincerity Foremost, Teamwork Spirit, Product Innovation and Fruit Sharing. " cover all the maxims that can carry on among business management theories, and has laid a solid foundation for I Jang Group to march toward the future. And the maxim of "Devotion to Any Job and Lifelong Learning" has established a model for the entire team of I Jang Group, driving all levels of employees to jointly challenge the future for the group.Chairman Chen's modest and practical management philosophy has translated into the core concept of the I Jang Group, making all management cadres be brave in taking jobs and making innovations as well as cherish sincere and friendly treatment by the I Jang Group. Likewise, President Huang's management concept has undoubtedly created another vision for the entire I Jang Group, positively upgrading the image of the group.


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