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        Established in 1987, our company is specialized in precision spring with research and design.

We keep the development of our products to suit our customers' special demands and constantly research new products to fulfill markets.

Our services and products have won worldwide customers' trusts, and we believe it will be you best choice!

Main Products : Our company produces finest quality products which included springs/ wire forming, flats, clips,

clothes hangers, hooks, rings, clamps, metal hardware parts, CNC processing products, spring leafs/ sheets,

stainless steel hardware, pins, wire form bending shapes and etc.

we also accepting order to produce all types of parts according to customers ,  sample or drawing (auto cad or pro/e 3D files).

Machine Processing Equipments:

Cutter Machine / Sawing Machine
Grinder Machine
Precision Milling Machine
Precision Drilling Machine
High Speed Precision Lathe
Automatic Riveting Machine
Hydraulic Machine
Pulsed Wave type , Electric type-Welding Machine
Box type , Conveyor type -Heat Treatment Machine
Vibratory Finishing Machine with Auto Selector Clear Driven Auto Selector
Octagonal Barrel Rotary Grinding Machine
Full Flow Octagonal Rotary Barrel Finishing Machine
High Frequency Pressurizing Tub Vibratory Finishing Machine

Measurement / Quality Control Equipments

High Resolution Comparator / Profile Projector
Vicker's hardness Metallography test Machine
Measuring Machine
Height Gauge
Micrometer / Durometer
Stereo Microscope
Measuring Machine
Pressurization-type Testing Machine
Spring Load Testing Machine


Precision Spring, Iron Wire Products, Electronic parts, Spring, Furniture Hardware, Hardware, Electronic and Computer Products, Molds, Forged and Die Cast Products, Leaf Springs, Coil Springs, Chair Tube Connectors, Metal Parts, Fittings, and Accessories, Door Knockers, Screws, Fasteners, Washers, OEM/Processing Service, Metal Stationery, Toy Parts, Key Chains, Metal Ornaments, Other Sporting & Leisure Goods, Buckles, Hose Clamp, Springs, Punched, lathed, Pressed Products, Chains, Metal Parts and Accessories, Extension Spring, Pull Back Spring, Torsion Spring, Compression Spring, Iron-string Finished, Semi-finished Products, CNC Press Processing Products, Clothes Hanger, Hooks Ring, Goods household, Hose Clips, Spring Plate, Stainless Steel Hardware, Hose Clamps, Spring Hose Clamp, hardware parts, Power Spring, Leaf Spring, Safety Pin, Tension Spring, Square Wire Spring, Flat Spring, Half Pin, bending shap, Hot Coiled Spring, Clock Type Spring, Suspension Coil Spring, Spring Wire Forms, Spring Presswork, Car Spring, Motorcycle Spring, Hand Tool Spring, Generator Spring, Industrial Spring, Door Lock Spring, Electronic Spring, Toy Spring, Shock Absorber Spring, Press Spring, Pull Spring, Twist Spring, Retaining Spring, Antenna Spring, Battery Spring, Stationery Spring, Switch Spring, Sports Facility Spring, Door Closer Spring, Spring Duct, Flat Wire Spring, Electric Appliance Spring, Special Spring, Deduct Spring, Spring Slice, Sprain Spring, R Shape Pin, Hitch Pin, Toothbrush Stand, Wire Form, Snap Pin, Lock Pin, Cotter Pin, Spring Type Hose Clamp, Self-compensate Clamp


Year Established: 1987
Export Market: Global
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: No. 6, Alley 63, Lane 446, Changmei Rd., Sec. 2, Tiehshan Borough, Homei Town, Changhua County, Taiwan 50848
Telephone: 886-4-735-9685
Fax: 886-4-735-1091
URL: www.nanshun.com.tw

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