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Rong Ghao Industry Co., Ltd., located in Taichung County, central Taiwan, is a professional supplier of staple guns and garden tools to international markets with a history of more than 30 years.

The company’s ST-2010 Useful Deluxe Staple Gun Tacker launched early this year is designed to fit several staple specifications, including ARROW JT-21, ESCO 530, KWB053, etc. Incorporating the same staple feeding mechanism, the newest ST-718 Stable Guns can respectively handle staples of ARROW T50 and nails of esco 300, novus type J, etc., and ST-719 is fitted to staples of ARROW T50, KWB #HT057, RAPID #34 and #54, and so on.

Among the firm’s product lines are folding saws, staple guns, camping tools, power tools, screwdriver sets, can crushers, cutting tools, staple removers, wrenches, spanners, actuated tools, air tackers, chipping hammers, welding sliding hammers, shears, and calipers, etc.


Tin Snips, Bow/Hack Saws & Blades, Folding Saws, Garden Tools in General, Staple Guns, Camping Tools, Electric Power Tools NES, Screwdriver Sets, Can Crusher, Cutting Tools, Air Staple Guns, Staple Remover, Wrench, Spanner, Actuated Tools, Air Tackers, Chipping Hammers, Welding Sliding Hammers, Shear Tools, Straight Snip, Aviation Tin Snip, Calipers, Composite Material Cutters, Water Pump Pliers, Tacker hammers


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