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We are one of famous professional OPTICAL MULTI FUNTION LENS manufacturer at world. Over more than 30 years abundant superior experience, our elaborative R&D technology wins high reputation by our global clients.
More then this,we also obtain many kinds of Product Patents from Taiwan , U.S.A. , Germany , England , Japan , China …etc.
As our Innovatory lens: Aspherical glasses(made of PMMA,PC…etc.) which is huge to be used by camera, projecting camera, scanner, optics mouse, mobile camera …. etc. OEM are welcomed.
Our Company design 9 Item Products:
Used at ---
Original Optics Lens , Industry science and technology , Teaching apparatus , Agriculture Biochemical , Jewelry identification , Gift , Lighting Magnifier, Home Craft and Presbyopia Amblyopia products ....., hundred kinds of magnifier products, satisfied with all kind of user requirement.
GEM OPTICAL CO.,LTD. our series Top Qualities Products & Best Servie have won the National Best Invention Reward in 2001 in Taiwan .
Besides our production, we accept OEM & ODM. Especial expert at optics mold designer our cooperative companies are all over the world. GEM excellent Market Develop Ability & Expert at R&D technology are reliable warranty of our Prducts & Service. Your further requirement will receive our best service by return!!!
GEM Optical, magnify your world!!!


Spotlights/Searchlights, Special-Purpose Lights, Engineering Lamps, Lighting Assembly Tools/Light Testing Instruments, Work Lights, Emergency Lights, Magnifying Loupe


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