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REAL LOCKS & SECURITY CO., LTD. was found in 1972. In the beginning of establishment, we use REAL as a self-development brand name to market domestic and foreign markets. With continuing to devote in R&D, innovation and technical upgrading, REAL has more than 70 patents in the world.The features of security on REAL LOCKS are: with 300 million of different key combinations, the delicate cylinder structure within REAL LOCKS can prevent invaders to destruct it easily in short time. And, without using spring inside the cylinder, REAL LOCKS do not have the flaws on spring weary and mechanical disorder like other traditional cylinders. Furthermore, any locks produced by REAL are attached with safe codes, they can not be duplicated without original manufacturer. Hence, REAL LOCKS can offer the 100% safe guarantee for our customers.


Master Key, Padlock, Lock Cylinder, Stainless Steel Lock, Locker, Cabinet Lock, Combination Lock, Keyless, Security, Card Lock, Drawer Lock, Phone Lock, Push-in Lock, Vending Machine Lock, Safe Box Lock, Mailbox Lock, Door Lock, Steering Wheel Lock, Motorcycle Lock, Brake Disc Lock, Trailer Lock, Glad Hand Lock, King Pin Lock, Remote Control, Cargo Lock, Notebook Lock, Alarm Lock, Cable Lock, Laptop Lock, Desktop Lock, Brass Padlock (Chrome), Stainless Steel Padlock, Armoured Stainless Steel Padlock, Cam Lock, Telephone Lock, One-Piece Motorcycle Lock, Insurance Box Lock, Motorcycle Brake Lock, Caravan & Trailer Lock, Cylinder, Vending Lock, Key Cutting Machine, Stainless Steel Wrap Lock, Door Latch Lock, Armoured Padlock, Container Safe Lock, Motorcycle Brake Disc Locks, Caravan & Trailer Locks, Homan Stainless Steel Padlocks, Electronic Tamper-proof Seal, Remote Control Locks, Tool Boox Locks, Hitch Locks, King Pin Locks, Glad Hand Locks, Locker Lock


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