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Original ECPAL is product develop department of Carstar the biggest automotive repair information & technical training company in Taiwan.

The develop department in consideration of automotive tool market is maturing, then independent this department to ECPAL company in 2003.

Expert to automotive repair & assistance tools, let the repair worker check and diagnose the problem rapidly, convenient, accuracy. We develop and innovate products to the best state is collocating the market respond and demand from partner company, also integrate the specialized source from MinChi University of Technology.

ECPAL principle 「Care detail、Service is the first」

ECPAL staff is pleasured to offer you our best service. We are welcome you be our partner.

If you have any problem for ECPAL products, please e-mail or fax as following information.
We will reply you as soon as possible. Thank you for your kindly support.


Auto-Use Computers & Peripheral, Test Instruments, Repair Equipment, Measuring Tool, Electronics Processing Machinery & Equipment, Testing Apparatus, Tool Kits for Electronics, Other Equipment,Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool,Test Instruments,Repair Equipment,Auto-Use Computers & Peripheral Equipment,Magnetic Pickups,


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