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Micro Gauges and Micro Tools were created from 1973. Timer Industries Co., Ltd hand over, improve and progress the micro technologies. Aiming at the manufacturing precision Hand Tools and Inspection Tools for standard Gauges, Torque ; like PH, PZ,SL, TORX, HEX, SPLINE …etc which are over ten kinds of inspection standard Micro Gauge、 and Torque.
All Micro Gauges are according to DIN and ISO standard, also according to ANSI American standard which can be choice by customer. Any standard did not include in DIN/ISO standard which was defined by Micro standard. Micro standard offers micro standard size and technological standard to this field of dealers.
For improving precision of cutting, we also offer standard Diamond Grindstone which will make cutting function grade to standard.
We also offer DIN/ISO producing technological standard of Chinese translation brochure for dealer’s reference. For improving quality of divisor and set up the Maximum and Minimum allowance ; Micro tool offer consultant of standard manufacturing which can help to up grade manufacturers ‘ quality and capacity in short time.
Having assistance of Micro, your products will be followed the international standard。


Power Screwdriver Bits, Replacement Tool Sockets, Parts of Power Tool, Automotive Assemblyv Line, Torsional Limiter, Magnetic Hoider, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Pneumatic Tools, Machine Tools, Tool Combination, Measuring Tools/Instruments, Testing Equipment That Target a Variety of Industries, CNC Machine Tools, CNC Machine Tool


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