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Established in 1980, we are a specialized manufacturer of measuring tools of stainless steel/aluminum/plastic straight rulers, square, protractor, cutting ruler, ratio scale ruler, black carpenter square, adjustable bevel level, steel punch, utility knife, electronic digital vernier caliper tally counter, measuring tape, measuring wheels etc...for Hardware, Stationery & DIY.
We are a ISO9001 approved producer of measuring tools. Our company is committed to offer high-quality products under excellent and strict control to our customers. Quality and after service is our priority in dealing with business partners. Therefore, we are not brand is well known with worldwide marketing network but also the OEM producer of famous company in USA & Europe. Created R&D staff plus state of the machine equipment to its production lines for cost saving and upgrading the quality. By these equipment to give us the capability to develop more than 200 design as well as client's OEM designs.
To guide you in your choice, give you advice. We will be at your full disposal for every further technical details that you might require or to submit to you the best quotation in your favour. Sheheng Jaan is your best choice since you can trust in our products by satisfactory guaranty.
Please contact us for any information and inquiries.


Stainless Steel Ruler, Rulers, Tape Measures, Cloth Tapes, Range Finders, Counters, Levels, Angle Squares, Utility Knives, Calipers, Steel Seals, Technical Pencils, Vernier Scales, Stainless Steel Protractors, Building Hardware, Measuring Instruments, DIY Tools, Laser Measurement Tools


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