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Standing in our tenth year of operation, Aromate has grown into one of the world leading Novelty Fragrance companies. With annual growth rate averaging over 30% and sales volume projected to reach over 40 million pieces for 2005, Aromate is considered to be the Asia leader in Novelty Fragrance by exporting 95% of its products to mostly Europe and North America. Aromate business success is a result of its rapid response to customer's needs and its ability to constantly develop innovative / original-designed products that meet the latest market trend at competitive prices with reliable quality. Aromate also had gained respect in the industry by investing large funding in product patents and trademark rights in key countries, advocating respect for its own intellectual rights, as well as protecting its customers. This business model has helped Aromate build strong relationships with worldwide customers, as well as maintaining a good reputation in the fragrance industry for being "The novelty fragrance company from Asia you can count on". Thanks to the support of our loyal customers, we are proud to be where we are now and shall continue to focus on our company mission for years to come.


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