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产品型号:MS-3088 原产地:中国, 台湾 材质:ABS 颜色:white


MS-3088 MP3 Doorbell

Record your own Ding-Dong.

Welcoming Sights, Welcoming Sounds!

No more fixed doorbell sounds! Users can change it anytime and as many times as they wish!
Proprietary format for playback, no MP3 royalty is needed.
Connects quickly to the existing doorbell wires running to your doorbell.
Diameter 77mm 3-watt speaker with excellent sound quality.
Supported sound formats: MP3, WAV.
Controlled by hardware, Plug & Play, no installing software required.
The MP3 Doorbell that can work with trigger voltage from AC6V ~ AC240V for the worldwide use.
Standard length of recording is around 12 minutes.
Press the push button to trigger the MP3 Doorbell for playback, one more press the push button to start playing the next song.
Users need a PC running Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7/ Windows 8 with USB port.
USB cable is included.
Power requirement: 3 x "AA" Alklaline batteries (not included).
Size: 120 (W) x 120 (H) x 55 (D) mm

公司名称: 音相股份有限公司