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High Speed Precision Lathe
High Speed Precision Lathe Hot

产品型号:LG-460 x 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000 原产地:台湾


Main Features / Large spindle bore Ø70mm in all same type precision lathe.
Easy operation, high rigidity, high stability and good for heavy workload and heavy duty turning and cutting.

1. Base :
One piece Meehanite casting machine base and body.

2. Feed gear box :
(1) Full range Metric / Inch gear box, no-need for gear exchange and easy for operation.
(2) Two thread per inch (1"X2 T. P. I. ) available, which offers much larger machining range than same class of lathes and pretty convenient to use.

3. Apron :
Enforced oil supply with safety device is used to avoid collision during turining operation.

4. Spindle :
12-step speed change, the spindle is supported by three points with FAG bearings.
Gears and spindle are made of high quality alloy carbon treated, precision groud to acquire much superior hardness and tenacity.

5. Carriage & saddle :
This part has been ultra-frequency treated with much longer service life.

6. Cross way feeding guide screw :
Two point support and suitable for heavy duty turning.

7. Compound rest :
125mm square tool racket with enhanced mechanical stabiility.
Wider tool base front. Slide table is treated with high frequency, precision ground and has extended service life.

8. Tailstock :
Patent design on gear tightening type for heavy turning & drilling stability, 2 stage feeding device for easy operation.

High Speed Precision Lathe
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