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Founded in 1995, we are a leading importer, exporter and supplier of sports equipment, motorcycle parts and building supplies. Delivering quality products and customer-satisfactory services, we make numerous parts and accessories for major motorcycle brands (including Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and SYM). And we have built a solid reputation with skills, creativity and dedication. Custom inquiries for special orders welcome.


汽缸, 活塞, 曲轴, 皮带, 排气管, 避震器, 化油器, 普力盘, 普力珠, 离合器, 风叶片, 离合器鼓, 高速弹簧, 后照镜, 整流器, 锁头, 轴承, 机车精品, 机车零件, 轮胎, CVT传动组

公司名称: 集家有限公司