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KINGWAY AUTO TECHNOLOGY CORP, is a product design and manufacturing company that provides high quality ODM/OEM services for wireless communication products.KINGWAY has comprehensive capabilities in wireless products design, software design, hardware design, mechanical design, system integration, user interface development, product testing and certification, and manufacturing.

KINGWAY differentiates itself from the competition by applying its fundamental strengths in RF to a wide range of applications including home, mobile, automotive and enterprise applications.

Through its outstanding research and development capabilities and in-depth cooperation with global industries,kingway is able to develop products in full partnership with customers from product conception through to mass production, providing well-thought-out total market solutions. Based on the principle of product optimization, kingway helps brand name enterprises, system operators and content service providers create a better end-user experience.




生产模式: ODM 设计加工, OBM 自有品牌
公司名称: 源腾科技有限公司