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Started metal part processing business using automated lathes and drilling machines.
Started developing and manufacturing brass sprinklers, pipe fittings, related parts and accessories. 90% of our products are exported to the Western European, American and the Middle East Counties now and our customers have shown every satisfaction with our products and reorders.
Developed a toilet water-saving flushing system. The flushing system is patented in many countries, including the U.S., mainland China, and Taiwan.
With a 4,000-square-meter plant complex, we enlarged our factory to 1,500 square meters. We also purchased advanced automated machinery, established a QC system, constantly developed new products, and improved our manufacturing technologies.
Expanded our production lines and started to produce garden hoses, water spray guns, spray wands, and trigger nozzles.
Increase new production lines of fog nozzles series for green house. Her Liang Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is one of leading manufacturers of agricultural and garden irrigating equipments in Taiwan. Having had several years of exporting experience, we can offer you good quality and very reasonable price. OEM orders are welcomed!


冲床/车床/冲压加工制品, 滤水器具, 水龙头, 塑胶软管, 洒水器, 手动工具配件, 阀类及配件, 渗透管, 园艺工具, 建筑五金, 管接头, 卫浴配件, 铜锻造及翻砂制造, 水枪, 喷雾器, 农业灌溉设备

公司名称: 合良五金工业股份有限公司