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With over 24 years of experience in manufacturing and trading in the hardware fittings field LCH is one of the best companies in Taiwan. We are famous for the quality and excellent service that we provide to clients from different industries over the world.

Here at LCH we aim to provide our customer with the best service possible. With a team of specialized staff we are able to offer our clients the quality and professional knowledge at the best price. We care about each client and every case. At LCH we measure our success with our clients success.

Not only do we provide comprehensive solutions to our clients in different fields on different products and components, we also constantly looking to improve and constantly pushing boundaries to bring more new innovative products both functional and decorative. With factories in both Taiwan and China we are able to provide you with what you need at the best price, OEM and ODM is also one of our specialties.

When you come to LCH you will know we make your business our business.


塑胶把手, 抽屉滑轨/滑轨, 螺母, 餐桌滑轨, 把手, 铰链, 螺帽, 脚轮, 铝合金多用途转盘, 塑钢滑轮, 螺丝、华司, 橱柜五金, 塑胶钉, 金属零件, 建材五金, 锌合金把手, 椅用管配件, 铜把手, 钉子、铆钉、拉钉, 椅轮, 椅座旋转盘, 吸盘/金属夹板, 餐桌用转盘, 塑胶零配件, 椅脚, 木制橱柜把手, 门档, 扣门环, 沙发脚, 陶瓷把手, 锁类, 磁铁门栓, 门窗配件, 挂钩, 螺丝, 铰链塑钢滑轮, 椅坐旋转盘, 椅用管配用, 家具五金

公司名称: 鑫镱企业有限公司