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STAND TOOLS was established in Taiwan since 1988. Because of persevering, training, acting, not excusing the failure, looking for better quality and R&D, STAND TOOLS was successfully building a perfect beginning. Although there are few resources, STAND TOOLS has stepped steadily due to the accomplishments of new products introduced into the market fast and efforts of all staff and researchers.
In order to manufacture products efficiently, increase the quantity of output, and improve the working environment, STAND TOOLS moved and extended the factory in 1996. It was the serious time since devaluation of New Taiwan Dollar. However, STAND TOOLS was not only passing the depression but also keeping the sales growth. Moreover, because of the new 6000 square factory, STAND TOOLS can improve the quality, enhance the capacity, and offer much better service. It created outstanding records in the decade. Facing the violent rivalry in the hand tool market and the rapid improvement of transportation and technology, STAND TOOLS starts the international busi ness. Therefore, STAND TOOLS standardized the production procedure within the ISO 9001 approved on March in 1999. It makes STAND TOOLS have more competitive advantages than other manufacturers and trade companies.


棘轮起子, 棘轮套筒扳手, 磁性工具, 工具, 手动工具配件, 螺丝起子/配件, 活动/固定/方头/圆头扳手, 柔性六角套筒扳手, 数位扭力扳手(数字显示), 斜口扳手, 定扭矩电动扳手, 套筒充电扳手, 数位力矩扳手, 电子扭力扳手, 液晶体显示扭矩扳手, ER扳手配件, 快速阔身活动扳手, 棘齿轮活动扳手, 数位电动棘轮扳手, 扭力扳手配件, 套筒棘轮扳手, 验证重量, 扭力监视器, 磁性扳手工具, 磁性起子, 数位扭力扳手, 扭力扳手用磁性工具架, 多功能磁性工具架, 磁性工具盒组, 磁性工作桌, 多合一磁性工具组, 磁性工具套筒架, 磁性工具握手把架, 磁性汽修工具, 磁盘磁性工具, 磁性挂鈎, (强力磁性)捡拾棒, 磁性扫把, 具有滚轮及伸缩铝管, 可脱磁开关, 磁性手工具


公司名称: 首君企业股份有限公司
地址: 414 台中市乌日区太明路成丰巷55号
电话: 886-4-2335-6489
传真: 886-4-2335-6491
网址: www.dgstand.com