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Sotek Technology Co., Ltd., a company endeavors to be perfect on quality, service, competition, and responsibility, spinning off in 2004 from Soartek Co., Ltd. (established in 1989), now managed by Mr. Sunny Liu.
Mr. Liu believes quality is the only and the best way to compete and survive. This goal has stimulated Sotek from a trading company to a multi-developed company by means of our own invested factories. This assures all the products provided are controlled under our high quality criteria to meet customers' requirements.


精铸, 压铸, 沙铸, 冲压, 金属射出, 粉末冶金, CNC加工, 塑胶射出, 模具, 组合件, OEM机械零件, 空、油压机, 螺丝, 阀类及配件, 金属加工机械, 铆钉机, 天车/吊车, 螺帽, 塑胶制品, 锻造品, 铸造品, 冲床/车床/冲压加工制品, 螺栓, 木工机械

公司名称: 达翌有限公司