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Universal Multi-function USB Extension Desktop
Universal Multi-function USB Extension Desktop

產品型號:USB Desktop Extension


Tired of crawling to the back of your computer tower to plug and unplug wires? Imagine how convenient it would be if all the USB slot and the audio jacks were right in front of you. Introducing the brand new Universal Multi-function USB Extension Desktop! Now you have a reliable all-in-one desktop stand that contains the followings:

1 USB data transfer slot
2 USB power slots with 1 controlled by an on/off switch
1 speaker jack
2 microphone jacks
1 holder for small objects or cell phones.

Full compliance with USB specifications / Revs 1.0 and / 12 Mbps data transfer rate, supports low speed, bandwidth-demanding devices.
Color: Black
Cord Length: 80 inches
Powered by 2 USB slots
Experience the difference today with this stylish extension desktop that gives you the powerful functions you need

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