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1-Port Surface Mount Box / 2-Port Surface Mount Box
1-Port Surface Mount Box / 2-Port Surface Mount Box

產品型號:SMB-1D-WHT / SMB-2D-WHT


Apply UL-94V-0 high-impact , fire-retardant ABS material
Our Surface Mount Box are universal type for all kinds of Keystone Jack. We design our
Surface Mount Box fitting for not only our own Keystone jacks but also all kinds of the
Keystone Jacks in the LAN Market. This SMB is cost-effective and convenience for
your expansion. It is easy , simply ,neat to install and saves a lot of hard working and unexpected cost
comparing the old way of moving mini 1-port SMB standard size and 2-port on the same place.
Thicker and bigger SMB provides better and longer protection. This SMB allow you to punch
down wires while 90-degree Keystone Jackets ars mounting on the front panel.
OEM / ODM inquiries are welcomed.
Materials :
1. The SMB is made of fire self-extinguish high impact plastic.
2. Two screws , cable tie and double side adhesive tape are easily to install at the job site.

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