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Ing-Hwei Implements Mfg. Corp. has been manufacturing specialized hand tools for over 26 years. Single-sided wrenches have been replaced by double-sided wrenches as the company's foremost products, due to the convenience of the latter. The tools from Ing-Hwei passed the German DIN certification process and are quite able to contend with those of prominent rivals.

Half of the company's business goes to Europe, and the remaining half to Japan, the US, and Southeast Asia. Although most products are according to OEM requirements, the company's president, Andy Chen, stressed that consistent product types allows Ing-Hwei to strive for the highest quality and precision, in fulfilling customer and consumer demands, the perfect tools.

Due to fierce competition from China, sales volume may decline, something that Chen expects but does not fear as long as the company holds its prominently reputable position in the market. Ing-Hwei has emphasized the need for increasingly high-quality products through further R&D expertise and through building new production facilities. These facilities contain only the most advanced automation and manufacturing technology. As long as other Taiwanese companies adopt similar trends, Chen believes export growth will only continue.


活動扳手, 開口扳手, 套筒扳手, 旋轉扳手, 內灣扳手, 圓點型鑽孔機, 扁鑿, 扁尖鑿, 冷鑿, 尖頭扁銼, 衝心機, 牙針鑽孔器, 長型牙針鑽孔器, 稜線扁鑿, 彈性套筒, 雙彈性套筒扳手, 雙六角型扳手, 重型直角環狀扳手, 雙梅花型套筒扳手, 法蘭螺帽扳手, 圓口彎曲型撬棍


公司名稱: 英輝興業股份有限公司
地址: 411 台中市太平區溪洲路130巷3弄10號
電話: 886-4-2270-5516
傳真: 886-4-2279-4838
網址: www.ing-hwei.com