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Aking Trading Co. Ltd., export quality and innovation furniture (both indoor and garden) together with related products, was established in 1978. The materials of our product include metal, glass, timber, leather, and etc. Each member of our sales team has his/her own professional and market sensitivity. Our markets are mainly focused on European countries together with Japan, United States of America, Canada and Countries of Middle East. English and German are two languages commonly used by us.

We always regard our customers as precious partners with a goal to share profit and to grow together in the future. Our turnover of 2005 is close to US$20 millions.


咖啡桌, 電視架, CD架, 電腦桌, 餐桌, 餐椅, 玄關組, 衣架, 伸縮衣架, 浴室櫃, 浴室架, 鏡子, 雜誌架, 衛浴配件, 皮沙發, 休閒椅, 辦公椅

公司名稱: 亞慶貿易有限公司