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We will leap as a superior industry of 21 century with a spirit of ceaseless challenge and technology innovation
Established in 1970, Samhongsa Co., Ltd. (SHS) has always stood for superior quality, technological innovation, and continuous product improvement in consumer products, all based on our core strengths of precision manufacturing, technological capability, and process improvement.
Today, our business include the following major sectors:
1. Precision manufacturing of high-quality model trains for world wide export. SHS is recognized internationally as the leader in this business segment.
2. Manufacture and high volume assembly DC micro motors for electronic equipment and consumer electronics.
3. Manufacture and assembly of gas lifts and gas springs for high volume consumer products such as office chairs and exercise equipment.
In addition to production facilities in Seoul and Yesan, Korea, SHS operates a Technical Research Institute in an annex to our Seoul headquarters for continuous product development efforts.
Additionally, SHS operates production facilities in Shanghai and Jiaozhou, China, Philippines.
SHS exports and distributes its product worldwide, with major customers in North America, Japan, and Europe. Committed to our customers, suppliers, and employees, SHS continues to expand to provide the highest quality products on time and at competitive prices.
We thank all our partners who have supported us over the years and have made it possible for SHS to grow its size today.


Gas Cylinder

公司名稱: 青島三弘精密有限公司