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Palm Max was established by a group of senior engineers in areas of computer software, firmware and mechanical engineering. Taiwan Taipei-Headquarter are in charge of R&D, marketing and sales and China Dongguan factory only takes care of manufacturing and QC system.

We always value customers' requirements to meet their need and respect them as our partners to keep win-win relationship. We encourage innovation for designs, production and service which are also controlled well with steady and excellent quality. Our employees are team working together like a family. We expect to stand on the leading position of the IT world . New ideas and OEM designs are welcome.

Our sales region are 90% for oversea project and 10% for dosmetic business.

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平板電腦皮套鍵盤, 蘋果產品週邊, 三星/谷歌平板用藍牙鍵盤, 鍵盤, 滑鼠及數字鍵

公司名稱: 金利科技有限公司