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Dong-Shiuan Enterprise (DS) was established in1972 in Tainan; Taiwan’s industrial machinery manufacturing base. Its founder Mr. K.C. Huang, a senior machine technologist, founded this firm to specialize in the manufacture of machinery for Polypropylene & Polyethylene (PP & PE) woven bag production lines. DS PP/PE woven bag production lines revolutionized the Asian bag industry by tripling production speed and efficiency, whilst lowering costs. In addition, production quality was improved to such an extent that it conformed to European standards from the outset.


多層共擠押出機, 吹袋機, PVC異型押出機, 塑膠成型機, 塑膠押出機, 廢料回收再生設備

公司名稱: 唐先企業股份有限公司