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Respect of the “environment” and adherence to “quality”, HLIC/SanHo Industry Co. further extends its efforts.

Founded in 1969, HLIC/SanHo Industry Co. is an esteemed Asian manufacturer specializing in the production of engine parts and components. For more than 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the research, development, design and production of engine sealing components. Today, we have attained the capability to produce all types of sealing products for a full range of engine applications. Major engine parts manufacturers and trading partners, both at home and abroad, positively affirm our distinguished quality control methods.

Since our establishment, we have demanded the most rigorous management of production flow. We have implemented the most stringent quality control procedures beginning from the production of dies, to the formation process and ending with the assembly of finished products consisting not only of gasoline/diesel engine overhaul repair kits for automobile/trucks manufacturers around the world, but also engines for boats, power generators, forklifts, agriculture and industrial machines.

Based on our respect for the “environment” and adherence to “quality”, every single process from production to customer service, have successfully passed certification by international quality agencies such as ISO 9001 and QS 9000. As a conscientious member of the global community, we cordially accept our responsibility for environmental protection. Since 2001, we have exclusively used high quality non-asbestos materials, approved by ISO 14001 certification, in all our products. At HLIC/SanHo Industry Co., we actively live by our mission to seek the best in product quality and customer service, while upholding our responsibility to the environment.

Innovation and excellence --- The new challenge and new mission of an engine sealing parts logistics center.

In this age of advanced information and cutthroat industrial competition, continuous improvement of production flow and enhancement of product quality are essential requirements in the engine parts manufacturing industry. HLIC/SanHo Industry Co. realizes that in order to create unique competitiveness in international markets for our customers, we must further explore the latest trends of production technology, understand new concepts of integrated production, and develop numerous approaches of timely supply chains.

Under the joint efforts and perseverance of the entire staff of HLIC/SanHo Industry Co., we launched a logistics center emphasizing the principle of “small quantity and wide variety” as standard operation procedures in 1998. In keeping with the pulse of rapid market changes, we designed special services to suit individual customers, earning praises and support from all customers. HLIC/SanHo Industry Co. furthered our logistics initiative by installing an all-new automatic warehouse storage system in 2006, enabling more rapid and precise logistics operation mode and creating even more benefits for our customers.

Continued innovation and excellence has been the target of perpetual endeavors of HLIC/SanHo Industry Co.

Providing added benefits and interests to our customers is the foundation of the sustained business operations of HLIC/SanHo Industry Co.


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