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We, Jenp Jou, as a leading twin wheel caster, single wheel, steel base and alumnium base manufacturer and exporter, established in 1992 and got ISO-9001 qualified certificate. In order to meet the growing demands. We focused on developing many revolution casters and manufacturing high quality and heavy durability products including 2"~8" single wheel and different popular steel bases and alumnium bases.

Based on successful experience, we keep going to invest in high quality armrest to fulfill customers requirement. All armrest designed and produced on our own patent and passed
BIFMA test.

Except the durability test equipments specified in ANSI BIFMA/ JIS/ DIN/ FIRA, we also designed and purchased other test equipments to reinforce the quality of our products. With ceaseless improvement of our qualities and management system, we have become one of the best and biggest twin wheel caster and single wheel manufacturer in Taiwan and the world.


辦公椅腳, 椅腳, 腳輪, 工業用輪, 辦公椅輪, 椅輪, 輪子, 雙輪, 家具輪, 鐵腳, 鋁腳, 桌腳, 椅用扶手, 辦公椅底座, 椅座

公司名稱: 正州實業股份有限公司