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Top Runners is a leading manufacturer & supplier of ABS plastic spoiler to the OE & after market around the world since 1985. The spoilers are distributed to customers from its own warehouses worldwide. The manufacturing process provides a one-piece lightweight yet durable product, which is of high quality and has a lifetime, guarantee. The SAE approved lights carry a three warranty. The spoilers are supplied pre-primed they require minimal sanding or filling and are ready to colour match the vehicle, so preparation time is zero.
Top Runners now manufactures, running board, bumper bar & Sailplane for SUV's from ABS Plastic

Top Runners is keen to work with customers to help develop their business & the spoilers market.


保險桿, 輪圈蓋, 其他內裝配件, 擾流板

公司名稱: 輪安企業有限公司